Original Date Seed Coffee -“Coffee Date”


Original Date Seed Coffee -“Coffee Date”

Please be aware - NEW - Size and Price.

This is a 1.5 Kilo bag!!!

"Coffee Date" - Reduce your coffee and caffeine intake!

A perfect coffee blend for the serious coffee Connoisseur.

Made using only 2 ingredients - 70% Palm Date Seeds and 30% Supreme Arabica Coffee beans.

Meet the “Coffee Date”. For the coffee addicts among you that will not take anything other than a rich gourmet coffee. Unwilling to compromise for the “delicious coffee flavors and aromas” - Our Date Seed Coffee Blend (aka “70/30” or "Coffee Date”) – made of 70% Date Seeds and 30% Premium grounded Arabica coffee – is a rich, full-bodied gourmet coffee alternative with deep complex aromatic bouquet to savor and a fresh aftertaste you will linger for more. The perfect match for the coffee connoisseur!

Some of the benefits of drinking the Date Seed Coffee Blend:

  • Tastes like gourmet coffee.
  • Energizing.
  • 70% less caffeine than your regular coffee cup.
  • Steady alertness (no “jitters”).
  • Reduced Acid Re-flux.
  • Rich in Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Can be drunk cold too.

Every cup of "Coffee Dateis a natural energy booster brimming with nutritious health benefits that are naturally released during brewing. Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, fibers and antioxidants, a natural scavenger of free radicals!

This is not merely a healthy coffee alternative but a delicious beverage enjoyed for millennia.

Did you know that our coffee alternative is gluten-free and non-acidic? So say goodbye to acid re-flux.

How to prepare:

Coffee alternatives have never been so delicious and easy to prepare. Our coffee substitute actually brews just like coffee. You can boil it, use a regular drip coffee maker, a French press (highly recommended brewing method for this drink) or espresso machine.

Our recommended brewing technique:

1) Simply add two heaping teaspoons of date seed coffee powder to your favorite mug.

2) Add 6 ounces of boiling water.

3) Add sugar and milk according to your taste (Date coffee is served best with milk!).

4) Let the date stone settle at the bottom of the cup for a minute and ….. enjoy!

You can see all our brewing instructions here