Trying to quit coffee?

Try our new Coffee Detox programs!!!

You emailed us with suggestions and questions, comments and requests.

We have read and listened to all of your letters. At times we laughed at others we smirked from gratitude, but we never ignored any (O.K. maybe one or two .. or ten).

We invested heavily in new equipment, put our goggles on and went back to our drawing table (we like to draw with goggles on).

The results are two stunning new coffee alternatives that will help you quit coffee for good (so we are told by our tasters).

Program No.1:

Meet your “Perfect Date”

Our 100% Date Seed Coffee (no additives no artificial this or that, not even coffee or roasted sugar added – just 100% palm date seeds)

Some of the letters we received “politely” asked for a 100% date seed beverage. Well, your wish is our command (indeed these letters sounded more like a command). The task was daunting but we think we managed it. Made of 100% date seeds this beverage (internally known as “WT.., this worked!” or in its more politically correct name “Perfect Date”) is a delight to your senses, tummy, heart .... and cholesterol (see health benefits!).

The “Perfect Date” coffee alternative has a distinct aromatic taste sensation suggestive of dates and roasted nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts. Delicate body and lightly roasted, this 100% date seed beverage is the perfect alternative to your daily coffee.

Some of the benefits of drinking our 100% Date Seed Coffee:

  • Tasty!!!
  • Energizing.
  • 100% Caffeine-FREE
  • Steady alertness (no “jitters”).
  • No more Acid Reflux.
  • Rich in Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Can be drunk cold too.
  • Better Sex :-) (don't tell anybody) 


Program No.2:

Meet the “Date Connoisseur”

For the coffee addicts among you that will not take anything other than a rich gourmet coffee. Unwilling to compromise for the “delicious coffee flavors and aromas” - Our Date Seed Coffee Blend (aka “70/30” or “Date Connoisseur”) – made of 70% Date Seeds and 30% Premium grounded Arabica coffee – is a rich, full body gourmet coffee alternative with deep complex aromatic bouquet to savor and a fresh aftertaste you will linger for more. The perfect fit for the coffee connoisseur!

Some of the benefits of drinking the Date Seed Coffee Blend:
  • Tastes like gourmet coffee!!!
  • Energizing.
  • 70% less caffeine than your regular cup of coffee.
  • Steady alertness (no “jitters”).
  • Reduced Acid Reflux.
  • Rich in Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Can be drunk cold too.
  • Better Sex by 70% (We HOPE!)