About Us

 "Coffee Date" - The Healthy Coffee Substitute

Here at "Coffee Date" we love and celebrate Date Seed Coffee (coffee made from date seeds), it is rich tradition and the feeling of connection between people that it brings with it.

"Coffee Date" is dedicated to bringing you the finest date palm based products in the world. Over many millennia, the date palm fruit has contributed its enticing flavors and healthful properties to human life.

We are committed to bring you superior quality date coffee without compromising, in great tastes and surprising blends. Our great knowledge and experience allows us to roast the date stones in the most precise manner, and create for you a perfect harmony of scents and tastes in every single cup.
So why not try our delicious, caffeine-free, natural coffee substitutes? :-)
"Coffee Date" is a young establishment and we constantly strive to improve ourselves. Thanks to you we can!
We want you to know how very grateful we are for your support. Without you, our devoted customers, we would be unable to exist!
It is your purchases, letters, thoughts and ideas that motivate us and guide our actions. Meeting your needs is our reason for getting up in the morning and working hard all day.
Thank you!