Wake up and smell the coffee!

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It turns out you really do need to wake up to smell the coffee. Research studies show that humans cannot smell while deeply asleep.

Did you know that our sense of smell makes up between 75% and 95% of what we taste?

When we can not smell, certain food completely lose their taste.

For those amongst the coffee alternatives drinkers who suffer from Gluten. Did you know that there are gluten-sniffing helping dogs?

We all know that dog's sense of smell is way better than ours, but how much better?

Well, lets say some of us may tell by the smell alone if a spoon of sugar was added to their coffee. Dogs can detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water (the equivalent of two Olympic-sized pools!).

But dogs are not the best "coffee sniffers". That award goes to the grizzly bear which smells seven times better than bloodhounds.

Talking about swimming pools, did you know that a thirsty elephant can smell water 12 miles away? (you are probably thinking if you had a nose like that you too could)

Indeed, our olfactory system is very complex and we hardly know anything about it. Japanese researchers found that smells even affects gene activity and the chemicals in our blood. Based on their research if you are stressed sniff a lemon, mango or lavender.

So, back to sniffing our date seed coffee.   

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