Medicinal uses of Date Palm by the Ancients

Medicinal uses of Date Palm by the Ancients

Date palm fruit, their roots, juice and date seeds were used by the Ancients in many medicinal remedies.

Thankfully, all one has to do these days is just swallow a pill or two.  

Recently we came across of some medicinal uses of the date palm by the ancients. The following is a short list:

1. Got a swelling of any limb?

Use: Fresh dates, date kernels, dry myrrh, and wax were combined to a paste and bandage for four days.

Hmmm "better look out"!!!

2. Does your child cough? 

Use: Dried crushed date that are ground in a ‘hin’ of milk and drunk by the child.

Cough, cough can we have some date smoothie, please?!

3. You scratch your bottom too much? Probably you are in a need to kill some worms in your stomach! 

Use:Date kernels, carob pod pulp, sweet beer were mixed, boiled, strained and drunk; Warning: this remedy has an instant effect.

We seem to like the ingredients - on a separate basis.

4. A remedy to cure "heat of the heart": Fresh dates, honey, sweet beer - mix together and administer to the anus for four days.

No Comments!

(we have NEVER tried this one nor would we like to hear of any "success" stories) 

5. Hir Today Gone Tomorrow? In need for a remedy to accelerate hair growth?

Use: One Bone of a dog, date kernels, donkey’s hoof, boiled well in a jar with oil or fat and used as an unguent. (Lucas and Harris,1962; Darby, et al ,1977; and Nazir,1970)

Gluing some date seed coffee on a bold head might not look THAT natural, but at least you will not look like one of the Flinstones! 

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