How to get rid of bad odors in the fridge, microwave, car, and hands?

How to get rid of bad smelly stinky odors?

Unlike humans, a dog has the ability to separate odors mixed together! 

Where we smell "a stew" dogs will smell, distinguish and separate each ingredient contained in the stew.

So much so that if a smuggler wrapped a pound of marijuana in sheets of fabric softener, followed by a good wrap of foil and finally placed in a can of coffee, a dog smells the fabric softener, the foil the coffee and the marijuana.

The point of this little introduction is that: Yes, dogs smell "through" coffee!

However, coffee DOES have other usages too!  

How to get rid of awful smells in the fridge, microwave, car or pretty much any closed space? 

This tip could save you ... well $100 worth of Service Fees.

To get rid of all these nasty smells simply grind up a lot of coffee, put it in a bunch of bowls uncovered, and let it sit in there. In one or two days, the smell will be gone.

But wait, say you DRINK your coffee ..... and for some reasons you than wish to prepare a really nice and fresh Guacamole dip yummi ... fresh onions and garlic. 

But hey, there is no way around it (which looks decent) you will have stinky finger tips!

How do you get rid of THIS smell?

First thing to do is ... invite us!

Than, the best way to get rid of the smell is to rub your hands with coffee grounds. *USED* coffee grounds. There's no need to go around wasting perfectly good coffee.

Last but not least ... there is one thing actually better than coffee to get rid of these bad nasty smells and that is ... you guessed it Date Seed Coffee. But do you self a favour do not spend these precious seeds on this. 

Picture: lobostudio-hamburg 

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