Date Coffee - The Tea and Coffee Alternative

Looking for a natural alternative to coffee and tea?

We invite you to discover a secret that was known only to the Bedouins, ancient desert dwellers, who first took note of the many health benefits derived from this beverage. Delight your senses with the pleasant aroma and delicious taste of Date Coffee – a tasty and healthy alternative to tea and coffee.

Date coffee is a coffee substitute that offers a rich, coffee-like flavor yet none of the caffeine or acidity (no more acid reflux caused by coffee) found in coffee or tea which can stimulate the nervous system or cause an upset stomach. Date coffee is not a decaffeinated product but a healthful coffee alternative that is all natural, made from caffeine free ingredient – the palm date seeds. The perfect superfood drink that the whole family can enjoy anytime and on any occasion.

Our coffee substitutes are a great way to elevate your energy without caffeine. They brew like coffee, drink like coffee and energizing like coffee - without the edge and side effects of caffeine (jitter-free!). This unique tea and coffee alternative is packed with essential minerals, vitamins, anti oxidants and poly-phenols – scavenger of free radicals. Whether you are looking for a naturally gluten-free caffeine alternative to boost your energy, or a natural supplement to Atherosclerosis treatment and prevention.

The date seed is rich in minerals, ions, vitamins, phenolics and antioxidants. In addition to its nutritional content, date stone is believed to heal heartburn, improve the immune system from free radical attack and aid in digestion - to mention just a few of the date seed's health benefits. Coffee aside, Date Coffee is a fantastic superfood beverage to add to your diet!

It’s a wonderful source of many nutritional benefits, making it a great addition to any lifestyle. Giving you a natural boost of energy that’s packed full of a flavor very similar to that of actual coffee.

Enjoy coffee date - the100% natural caffeine free drink with a coffee like taste with family, friends or all by your own.


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