Date Palm Tree - Interesting Facts

12 Amazing Facts About the Date Palm Tree

  1. The word “date” comes from the Greek word daktylos, meaning finger.
  2. The date palm tree has a straight, rough single trunk that can grow 75 feet high.
  3. What look like branches are really leaves that grow out of the crown, or top, of the trunk. The leaves are barbed, and they keep camels and other animals from eating them
  4. A date palm tree can live for up to 150 years.
  5. Did you know that date palm trees are not just used for its fruits but its other components, like leaves are often used to create fences. They make good protection against wind and favour so the micro-climate.
  6. Moreover date palms provide construction material for different purposes such as roofs, baskets and textiles!
  7. Parts of the leafstalk are used as trowels by mason and as beaters by washerwomen.
  8. Mats, plates and baskets are made with stalks of the date palm tree.
  9. Palm tree trunks are used in the construction of houses, boats and bridges that cross canals. Elastic fibers that cover the trunks are used to make camel and horse saddles.
  10. Among the other things made with palms are dye, paper, surfboards, and wax.
  11. The date palm fruit are used to make delicious wines.
  12. Date seeds are used to create healthy coffee alternative.

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