Okra Coffee Alternative

Okra Seeds Coffee Substitute - Do It Yourself Guide

1) Collect your okra pods.

Note: You can let them dry on the stalk. In cold and wet places this is virtually impossible to do without them molding so oven bake them for 2-3 hours on approx 180 Celsius)

2) Opened up the pods up and took all the seeds out.

3) Ideally place the okra seeds in a wok and parch them over the fire untill dark and crunchy

Note: when the okra seeds begin popping it is much like popcorn so make sure you cover with a netlid. The popping is the very end of the process so be careful not to burn the seeds. This process is very similar to roasting coffee beans.

4) Once the okra seeds are roasted ground them up. A mortar and pestal will work just fine as the seeds are easy to grind.

5) Now, your okra seeds coffee alternative should look just like coffee. Measure it out just a bit more than you would with your regular coffee grounds. Brew, serve and enjoy!

Okra Seeds Coffee

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