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Coffee On Fire!

Here at the "Coffee Date" we love coffee. It is not a secret, we love the tastes and aromas of an excellent cup of Joe. A coffee bean that has been properly grown, roasted and prepared my a master coffee barista.

In fact it is our love for coffee that ignited in us this endless pursue of creating tasty and healthy substitutes for coffee. You see, when we mention "coffee alternatives", we don't just mean medicine like beverages that you could drink instead of your cup of Joe. Rather, we actually try to get as much of the richness of the coffee tastes and aromas as we possible can.

Our coffee substitutes are meant to provide our customers with a real alternative to regulate their coffee intake. Which unless your doctor tells you that you can not have any coffee at all, you should keep it to one (or two or...).

After all, coffee does have health benefits too!

When it comes to coffee and spirits or coffee and liqueurs, we get really excited. Every one loves Irish coffee (at least everybody we know), but the world of coffee and alcohol is very rich and tempting. Recently we came a across a great recipe for Café Brulot (Coffee Brulot). 

Cafe Brulot should really be prepared at the table so that all can share its marvelous aroma and colorful blaze. Place all the ingredients EXCEPT the coffee into a chafing dish. Heat, stirring gently for about two minutes.

Ignite this mixture, and when the flame burns out, pour in the 2 measuring cups of extra strength coffee and continue to stir.

Strain and serve. 

Recipe for Cafe Brulot

(makes for 4 demitasse servings)

8 cloves

2 small cinammon sticks

10 pieces of lump sugar

2 tablespoons chocolate syrup

2 strips each lemon and orange peel

4 ounces cognac

2 measuring cups of hot extra strength coffee

 So elegant..... .

This Cafe Brulot video is a real light show! :-)

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  • Great article and recipe! Thank you. The videos are entertaining too.

    Jackie Kaldama

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