Ideas To Make Your Alternative Coffee Taste Better

Make Your Coffee Substitutes Taste Better

1. Are you using dandelion root to brew your home made coffee substitute? Using plain (not roasted) dandelion root is great and your coffee alternative will taste just fine. But it is so much richer with the roasted roots. Often I just toast it in a pan over a medium-low heat, or just roast in the oven on a cookie sheet until nicely browned.

2.  I love topping my coffee substitute with freshly made Home made Coconut Milk.  Freshly made coco but milk has a wonderful frothy topping that reminds me of frothed milk.

3.  When you pour my first cup, it is usually super hot. Why not just drop 1-2 ice cubes in your mug before pouring in your coffee substitute and you can enjoy right away!

4.  If you like flavoring your “coffee”, here are some great options for you:

  • Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon to your press along with the chicory and dandelion roots.  If you don’t have a press then add it to the pot and simmer with the grounds.
  • I love sweetening my coffee substitute with a scoop (1/32 of a tsp – that’s all it takes!) of stevia extract and then topping it off with a little flavored liquid stevia. 
  • Of course, a bit of carob or cocoa powder is nice too.  Why not try roasted carob powder into the French press. 

5. The Secret to Awesome Coffee, Tea Or For That Matter Any Beverage?

It’s in the Water. 

In the quest for the flawless cup of coffee, aficionados have looked at everything from roasting technique, to method of grinding, to the perfect ratio of water to coffee. 

Water, on the other hand, can be rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium if it’s “hard,” or if it’s “soft,” rich in sodium — used by water softeners to remove impurities. In general, unless you take the time and brain cells to understand the molecules making your beverage and how it is affected by hard or soft water, it is perhaps best to use filtered water for best results. 

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