Date Pits As A Coffee Alternative

Date–pits as a coffee alternative

Date pits coffee was used in the Middle Eastern region long before coffee was popular in the West and really anywhere else. It's popularity decreased as coffee became more accessible and cheaper than date seed coffee.


Nowadays, Date Seed Coffee can be used as a . It is made using roasted date –pits. Traditionally, this coffee like beverage has been drunk in this region for a long time. The Mediterranean people believed that date pits help in reducing blood pressure, help relax the intestinal and uterine musculature and in increase the body's protein by decreasing fat. Other traditional claims included lowering of body temperature and sugar in the blood.


Modern research have shown that the Date Seed could be used as a medicinal food in treating renal stone, bronchial asthma, cough, hyper–activity and weak memory. Ishrud et al. [2001] showed that date–pits contain glucomannan, which helped to normalize blood sugar, relieved stress on the pancreas, and discouraged blood sugar abnormalities such as hypoglycaemia and prevented many chronic diseases. Furthermore, Rahman & Al–Kharusi, 2004 showed in their research that Date–pits contain amino acids and hormones that could help improve memory.


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