How many coffee seeds go into a cup of date seed coffee alternative?

We regularly receive emails from date seed coffee enthusiastics that want to prepare their own date seed coffee at home using their own methods. 

One of the most frequent questions we receive is "how many date stones / seeds do I need to make a cup of coffee?"

Well, in order to get a proper mass to even begin this process you will need about one glass of of date seeds.

So you wonder "how many dates do I need to eat to have a glass full of seeds?" :-)

The answer to it really depends on the date variety one uses for their coffee.

We use the creme de la creme of dates, the Great Medjool (as oppose to just Medjool) from Israel. It is the largest and most luxurious date in the world. Each seed is about 1.3g*.

During the process of producing the coffee you will lose about 10-20%* in weight. which means that each date is approximately 1.04-1.15*.

That means that to make say about 200g / 7oz of date seed coffee you will need approximately 170* date seeds!!! 

This means that depending on which method you brew your coffee - each cup of coffee has at least 7* date seeds!!!!

It might be interesting to note that if you want to use the Great Medjool seeds which is the finest date in the world you will need to eat about 2.5 kilos* of dried dates :-)

This pleasure will cost you about (depending of where you live in the world): $60*.



* These are all approximate numbers but you get the picture.  

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