The Speciality Coffee Association of America - Starter Kit for The Coffee Taster

If you are an aspiring coffee Barista and coffee taster, The Speciality Coffee Association of America is probably a good place to continue your journey in.

Other than great taste buds and lots of experience you will need three things that will make you the coffee master you ought to be - faster and more enjoyable.  

Luckily all three things get be purchased on The Speciality Coffee Association of America website. 

1) Coffee tasters flavor wheel.

The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel is based on The World Coffee Research - Sensory Lexicon. Press to download flavor lexicon.

2) Roast color classification system.

coffee roasting color kit

Comprised of a light-weight white vinyl kit (10in. x 12in.x 1 3/4in.) containing eight color disks, numbered in 10% increments ranging from "Very Light" (tile #95) to "Very Dark" (tile #25). These eight industry standard disks are designed to enhance consistency and assure that both roasters and their customers are in agreement regarding degree of roast. 

This enjoyment is sold for $295 at the site. 


3) 100 most common flavors and aromas in Coffee.

A selection of 100 of the most representative flavors contained in coffee.

Alternatively you might want to chose the more expensive set (though with less aromas):

The Le Nez du Cafe Aroma Kit

Le Nez du Cafe (The Nose of Coffee) is a set of 36 aromas that comprises of the essences of coffee. Presented in a wooden box complete Jean Lenoir's aroma description card set.

A tool and a game

The Nez du Cafe is a collection of the most typical aromas found in the world's top coffees.  You must be able to identify them in order to master tasting fully; the kit offers a pleasurable way of becoming a competent taster by helping you to recognize these aromas.  You will then be able to give an informed opinion on the cup you are tasting and convey your sensations to others.

Excerpt from Le Nez du Cafe:

Smell the aromas provided carefully and you will be surprised at the sheer variety found in coffee.  You will memorize them as your awareness of them increases.  Coffee is a complex blend of fragrant molecules, some of which play a key role.  The kit includes the most typical aromas found in coffee, the ones that the coffee drinker will notice first and which will provide an indication of where the coffee comes from, its type, the way it has been prepared, the roasting techniques and storage conditions.

So, with all these games it is no wonder we so enjoy DISCOVERING coffee over and over again.


  • Dear Jacke, currently you can get our products only in the top grocery shops and health shops around Israel. We are currently in discussion with a distributor to sell it in the some parts of the USA. Other than that it is only available on-line.

    Date Seed Coffee

  • very interesting…..


  • hi I live in Vancouver b.c. . Is this coffee substute anly available on line. can you get this product in Canada or any retail grocery store or health store thanks jacke


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